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im kelsy
im random
and also crazy.
im not all as shy as i use to be
i hate being alone.
i have no religion, so im athiest.
i just say im jewish as a joke get over it.
and if your jewish and her me say that dont get offended seriously.
im prolly the dumbest person you will ever meet♥
i live in Detroit// Redford.
♥i love my friends♥
my best friends are Carla && Tiffany
i have a crush♥
im married to my couins friend.
But im not in a 'relationship' with him or anyone else.
i have 5 peircings
i am hard to deal with but get use to it
im very argueementive.
im open minded
im not striaght edge. i like it to
cuz its a 'sene' now
i hate trends && senes.
striaght edge that. lol
i love my additude problem sometimes lol
i can be a hippacrit, but who isnt?
i regret people and people regret me.
i like all kinds of music so dont lable me
more then anything. serisouly
i'm NOT conseded at the least bit
im immatrue
dont fuck with me. ill scrap a bitch if i have to.
i feel so old sometimes but act so young.
ill do the most random things ever when im alone.
im kinda insacure about myself.
i have trust isues.
i miss my old friends at my old skool. but thats my fault.
im not your avarige girl.
i bet your life i burp louder then you♥
i dont care what i look like
im not here to impress you.
i think girls can fuck a bitch up more then guys.
i do whatever i want most of the time
im mostley not even home
i think im not as bad of a kid as most people think i am.
im very daring
im a sinner. lmao
im also very energenic.
i like doing things im not supost to do
im slick! ;)
boredum kill me
i dont like relearning things that i remember
i am a bitch.
i brake the law. lol
dont piss me off & we will get along great
i love bright colors.
i go to pearson
i dont like attention very much.
dont ask me out through messages on myspace
expecually if you live far away and you no i dont like you
if you seceretly hate me dont be a two faced little bitch DONT talk to me
i have fun without anything or anyone getting in the way
im very sarcastic.
i dye my hair alot
i like hello kitty